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"A Different Winning Post"

Here’s a different “winning post” a plasmar fence post, the fencing product that is quickly proving to be a winner with everyone and is becoming known as a “life long Aussie mate”

plasmar is a fence post that is really helping to resolve many of the issues that make you feel like you’re on a losing streak when it comes to fencing and re fencing with traditional products.

This product is fire resistant, horses won’t eat it and best of all it won’t rot or be eaten by termites. Horse breeder Rachel said “my horses demolished my pine fence 3 times before I fenced with plasmar posts and now they don’t touch it”. How’s that for a different “winning post”?

You can use plasmar in all soils including black soil, high salinity soils and areas that are inundated with moisture, if you a tearing your hair out trying to keep up with maintenance & repair of fences then you will love plasmar posts. CSIRO tested for non-leaching and with a life span of 50 plus years they are the ideal long term fencing solution.

After recent floods in Victoria one customer thought they would find their plasmar fence demolished and washed away but said “ I was very surprised to find it was not only still there but was still standing even though the debris from the floods was piled high”. What a great “winning post” story. You really can fence and forget it.

All plasmar products are manufactured in Australia from 100% recycled engineering grade plastics and this stops a large amount of plastic waste going to landfill. Plasmar fence posts and other plasmar products are being used all around the country in farms, horse studs, vineyards, along waterways and in many other applications providing sustainable outcomes for the future.

plasmar products are available in a range of sizes and lengths, and are suitable for general farm fencing, horse studs, viticulture and aquaculture. Look them up on the website or contact Head Office on 03 9305 1599 for assistance to find your local stockist.

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