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Plastic Recycling


Plastic Recycling

Australian Composite Technology (ACT) is able to offer the industry a circular solution for plastic waste streams, together with a certificate of total destruction for rejected production line items or obsolete products.

ACT clients can receive a 100% 'no plastics to landfill' certification.

ACT can assist with ISO14001 accreditation.

ACT can assist with National Packaging Covenant compliance.

Provision of recycling and security destruction certificates are services provided by ACT.


ACT currently provides its customers with recycling solutions for all plastics 1-7 including:

  • bumper bars
  • film wrap
  • automotive components
  • production line polymer waste/purgings
  • packaging
  • drums/buckets
  • industrial engineering grade plastics
  • crates
  • plastic pallets
  • corex board
  • e-waste plastics
  • bulka bags

The ACT technology is scalable and production capacity is being progressively expanded. Our facility has been dimensioned to ensure that the maximum value is extracted from received plastic waste with little or no residual plastic waste.

For information on how to recycle your plastics contact ACT at (minimum quantities apply).
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