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tas farmer
"A Bonus For Tasmania"

Tasmanians have always shown a huge interest in environmentally friendly products and there has been no exception when it comes to the fully recycled plasmar composite plastic products (manufactured by Australian Composite Technology). Enquiry and demand for fence posts, strainers, rail, garden edging, planter boxes and bollards has shown that Tasmanians are determined to be early adopters of these products as long life alternatives to timber.

The attraction has not only been the environmental benefits of the plasmar products, the life long durability of the products (with CSIRO testing showing a 50 to 100 year life span) has had everyone doing their sums and comparing the savings over the product life and these are very attractive indeed.

Whilst fence posts and strainers have been top of the list due to their suitability for a wide range of agriculture, viticulture and aquaculture applications, the garden edging, bollards and planter boxes are proving to be a great alternative for councils, gardeners and bio dynamic farmers. Innovative customers are using these products to create raised garden beds, retained areas and isolation/barrier fences.

A bonus for Tasmania is the recent appointment of Noel Wilson as the Tasmanian agent and Noel says “he is confident that the plasmar product range is exactly the right sustainable timber alternative that Tasmanians want” and that he “can see a great future for plasmar in Tasmania”.

plsamar products can be nailed, drilled, stapled, driven and used with other wire and rail mediums. The posts are solid and will not be eaten by termites or infested with fungus and won’t rot. Use them in problem areas, high alkaline and acidic soils, wet areas and around animals and you will be surprised at the results.

For further information on these “life long Aussie mates” and to contact Noel call 0400 350 015 or 1300 391 183

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