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"What Dustin Hoffman Didn't Know"

In the 1967 movie The Graduate Dustin Hoffman learns that the future is in plastics. What he doesn’t know is that the future also brings with it a mounting environmental problem. Industrial waste plastics and used polymer based packaging material now dominate the landscape.

While government authorities struggle with the growing problem one Victorian company has forged a new future for waste plastics by converting the material into plasmar fence posts.

Using a world first process Australian Composite Technology converts thousands of tonnes of plastic waste into long-life strainers and recycled plastic fence posts. With a life span of 50 years plus, the new composite fence posts are quickly gaining acceptance with the general farming community, vineyard owners and horse studs.

Immune from fungus, rot and termite attack the plasmar fence posts have also been CSIRO tested as non-leaching making them ideal for organic food production and aquaculture activities.

“Do it once and do it right” is the message from the plasmar people, and many happy customers agree.

Like Rachel in Stoneville Western Australia who rated the product so highly after fencing her horse stud that she has taken on the agency for sale of the posts in that state. Rachel says “the product was good to work with and the end result looked fantastic”.

Or Judie from Kinglake in Victoria who was affected by the recent fires and replaced her burnt fencing with plasmar fence posts and strainers and said “ I’m really pleased with the result, it is so strong and sturdy and now that the spring bulbs are starting to flower it just looks great”.

And, Peter from in Inverleigh in Victoria who has just finished his fencing run and said ”he decided to give the new posts a go and is pleased with the result”.

So if you want the satisfaction of a great looking job and the confidence that comes with a product that has a long life letting you “fence and forget” then these new plasmar recycled fence posts might just be what you’ve been waiting for.

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