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October 2013

A progression of photos that show replacement of white anted sleepers with plasmar sleeoers in a suburban landscaping environment says it all

This is a wonderful story See the photos on our home page

Mark and his partner Vanessa of Melbourne, made a monumental environmental decision to use plasmar sleepers to replace their rotten wooden sleepers.

They are like most ordinary folk running a household and needing to think carefully about how they spend their hard earned dollars on the upkeep of their property. A decision to use plasmar at a higher cost than ordinary wooden sleepers was not taken lightly and Mark had not used the plasmar product before.

Both Vanessa and Mark were determined to find a sustainable long term solution for their landscaping and veggie gardens. As it is written “seek and ye shall find” and so when Vanessa and Mark found the plasmar product on the web they were convinced that this is what they needed to use as it was a 100% recycled product, environmentally friendly and best of all long life 50-100 years or more. No more white ant feasts!

The job was not an easy one as the old sleepers needed to be taken out and they needed to use the old upright angle iron supports for the new sleepers so things were not exactly square. It was a bit like a jigsaw working out what to take out in what order and replace with plasmar to get a neat job.

Plasmar cut the sleepers to an approx. length for Mark and he had to trim to meet the onsite issues. What you see as the finished result is a tribute to Mark’s workmanship and attribute to both his and Vanessa’s ingenuity in looking for the right product.

Their comments are below

“Here are our gorgeous new sleepers and they look fantastic.

Mark has done a wonderful job, especially with the steps which were rotten. They fit together snugly like a puzzle and he said they were easy to work with and shape.

He worked with the original metal posts which were not square or straight.

Anyway I hope you like them and Mark has asked me to order some more sleepers to finish off.

A big pat on the back for these guys and I hope this inspires someone else to make a decision that is a game changer. The addition of plasmar sleepers to this property has added value beyond just the monetary gain. Termite proof your landscaping with plasmar

If you want to acknowledge the effort that Mark and Vanessa put in to save our environment by liking us on our Facebook page and writing a comment and sharing this with your friends and colleagues and also, by linking our web page to yours, please do so. Forward this email to your council, send it to the local Progress Association, the schools in your area and your local landscaping companies.

What a wonderful practical way to save our environment 1 backyard at a time.


September 2011

Just wanted to tell you how great my new fences are and thankyou for your prompt and efficient service in putting them up. They look fantastic! We have had heaps of compliments on them, with people asking who did them and what they are made from. They are impressed to hear that they are made from recycled plastic.

Not only do they look fantastic, but recently they saved my horse from a very serious injury.

He was tied to one of the posts when he pulled back. The post easily took his weight (16’3hh TB Gelding) and held him until the lead rope snapped. He tipped over backwards and landed legs first through the adjacent section of fence. He managed to free his front legs without too much hassle, but his back leg was 2 rungs up on the wire and was hung up a bit. Even with him thrashing about trying to get his leg out, he managed to come out of it with just some skin off.

I have seen a lot of fence injuries and put the lack of injury he suffered down to the quality of the fence. Because of the bit of give in the posts, he was not struggling against extremely taught wire, which would have cut deep into his leg, and was able to free himself without major injury.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is with accident prone horses to know how great these fences are in these circumstances. Thanks again!

Eleisha (Karalee Qld)