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Plasmar Fence Post End User Guide


Plasmar Fence Post End User Guide

The following information is provided as a guide for end users of plasmar fence posts. The information contains recommendations to assist in the handling of the product in the field.

  • 104mm plasmar fence posts are packed in bundles of 40 for storage and transportation – MAXIMUM STORAGE OF 3 PACKS HIGH and must be stored on a flat and solid surface
  • 160mm plasmar fence posts are packed in bundles of 12 for storage and transportation – MAXIMUM STORAGE OF 4 PACKS HIGH and must be stored on a flat and solid surface
  • For transportation purposes, we recommend soft strapping to be used in securing load (avoid metal chains)
  • plasmar fence posts are manufactured from a combination of recycled plastics and composite materials
  • plasmar products are a long life product – expectation is 50 years+
  • The plasmar fence post diameters are approximately 104mm and 160mm
  • plasmar products may vary in color but are primarily dark grey to black – this is the natural color when combining plastics
  • plasmar material can be painted (in house tests have used Wattyl Solar Guard)
  • plasmar materials generally do provide some form of flex which needs to be taken into consideration
  • plasmar products, being of a composite nature, may “bend” slightly over the entire length when loose due to weather and atmospheric conditions BUT will return to original shape (minimum bend towards the sun) therefore if slight bending is evident put them in the fence line with the bend in one direction such as DOWN the fence line as you look at it. They will straighten uniformly.
  • plasmar fence posts may have a splined (point) or straight end – there is no structural difference and installation will be the same for both
  • Some plasmar fence posts may have slight cosmetic imperfections (small aeration holes in the trimmed end, blemishes down the post shaft) – this should have no impact on integrity of the post
  • plasmar fence posts may have the tip on the splined end trimmed off to assist in the driving of the post into the ground
  • plasmar fence posts can be driven into the ground using the same process as fencing with timber
  • All plasmar materials can be drilled or stapled the same as timber fencing
  • If electric/hot wires are to be installed through the post, the use of a small piece of plastic or rubber hose is recommended. (To be inserted into the hole). Otherwise, insulators can be used as per normal application.
  • plasmar material can be cut with a chainsaw, however it is recommended to use a circular/drop saw due to wear on chain saw blade (use a tungsten tip blade on the circular saw)
  • plasmar material does not have a grain and will not split like timber, however, if hit with sufficient force (i.e. car), they will break at the point of contact
  • All products are uniform in diameter within a few millimeters

plasmar products should not be burnt but can be recycled by ACT.


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