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Farm Weekly - WA

You probably think you're doing your bit for the planet by recycling, but one Perth woman puts us all to shame. Rachel Robertson of Longlife Fencing Products WA is now selling container loads of plasmar fence post manufactured entirely from waste plastic normally destined for landfill.

With the land filling of waste plastics growing year by year the recycled long-life plasmar fence post is a welcome solution to this major environmental problem.

Not only is the 100% recycled plasmar fence post good for the environment but offers a long service life (50 years plus) due to its immunity from insect, marine and fungal attack.

Importantly, the robust plasmar fence post has been tested and certified by the CSIRO as non-leaching, making it ideal for use in areas of intensive food production and organic farming.

Tens of thousands of composite plasmar fence post have now been installed Australia wide in general farming, vineyards, oyster leases, animal feedlots and horse studs.

Rachel Robertson of Longlife Fencing Products summed up the plasmar fence post as "a win for the environment and a win for the customer".

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