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Queensland Country Llife


forget the rest head straight for the best…plasmar

Queensland Country Life - QLD

Queenslanders are definitely bypassing some traditional fencing and landscaping materials and making a bee line for plasmar products as they are proving to be the best alternative fencing and landscaping materials when it comes to resolving or avoiding some of the issues experienced in difficult soil and climate conditions.

The 100% recycled plastic products are robust, solid and strong and have a wonderful long lifespan of 50 years plus. The plasmar material is impervious to white ants and fungus, will not rot and is such a versatile material that it can be worked with in a similar manner to a good hardwood. Why waste time with the rest when you can fence and landscape with the best?

The environmental benefits of using this robust plastic plasmar product are all too obvious including keeping plastic from landfill, reducing the need for timber, ensuring that a non leaching, non polluting material is used especially in environmentally sensitive applications and providing sustainable long life solutions.

Now the plasmar range has been expanded to include some exciting new products and some of these will be on display at FarmFest. A great robust sleeper has just stepped onto the catwalk along with some fantastic new square and oblong profiles for posts, dunnage, landscaping, retaining and bollard applications.

plasmar is progressively and permanently changing the attitudes of fencers, farmers, landscapers and gardeners by proving that there is a quality alternative that ensures value for money as well as a look and feel of a quality finish. This product is Aussie made and Aussie owned so what a good opportunity to invest in something for the future. For more information see as on stand # E/7A at FarmFest or contact Scott Tait on 0418 988 392. Visit the website Phone the central number 1300 391 183.

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