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Honda Innovation


"Honda Innovation To Serve Communities"

Honda Australia has partnered with Australian Composite Technologies (ACT) in a recycling initiative which reprocess obscelete parts into composite fence posts, bollards and other products.

ACT’s long-life plasmar fence posts are made of 100 per cent recycled products, are CSIRO tested for durability and proven to last more than 50 years. Plasmar goes beyond innovation, being immune from termite and fungal attack and fire resistant, making it a practical and much safer option to that of traditional timber fencing.

Offering both community and environmental benefits, Mr. Satoshi Matsuzawa, Honda Australia’s Managing Director and CEO, said its work with ACT allowed Honda to further strengthen its green and community credentials, placing it as a corporate leader in Australia.

“The use of Honda products in plasmar illustrates Honda’s commitment to sustainable operations. Our efforts to address environment challenges is strengthened through our association with Australian Composite Technology,” Mr. Matsuzawa said.

While proving a popular choice in fire-prone farming communities, plasmar has limitless possibilities and has since been used with success in the water bed of oyster farms and with wine crops at leading Australian wineries.

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