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Business Benefits of Using Plasmar

Plasmar is a unique composite material comparable to premium quality timber.

Plasmar is made from industrial and domestic waste polymers, including many that are destined for landfill.

Plasmar technology & benefits

  • plasmar is a unique composite material comparable to quality timber
  • plasmar is made from industrial and domestic waste polymers, most of which are destined for landfill
  • plasmar material offers several advantages in the areas of strength, durability and material consistency
  • plasmar is the result of 17 years of research and development with a focus on reducing plastics to landfill by converting the waste into useful, durable products
  • plasmar technology has been designed for recycling large volumes of co-mingled domestic and industrial waste polymers producing high volume saleable products offering commercial and environmental benefits previously not available
  • plasmar technology is able to manufacture high volume products that consume vast amounts of polymer waste, unlike most current plastic recycling solutions that concentrate on selective polymers, producing low volume of product

Environmental benefits of plasmar

  • a dramatic reduction in landfill space required for the burial or waste plastic
  • landfill sites, particularly in major municipal areas, are now socially undesirable, difficult to secure and increasingly expensive to purchase
  • plastic waste can account for 8% of domestic/industrial waste by weight and can consume up to 20% of landfill by volume

The greenhouse effect

  • plasmar products can reduce hardwood and softwood tree felling by replacing a number of traditional high usage timber applications
  • timber is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to source
  • larger sized timbers suitable for the manufacture of high volume products, including shipping pallets, fencing material, transport dunnage, railway sleepers and bridge transoms, are prime examples
  • plasmar products can overcome this timber shortage with cost-effective durable replacement products

Business benefits of using plasmar

  • plasmar material offers a longer product life cycle due to immunity from marine, insect and fungal attacks
  • unlike timber, plasmar material requires no chemical treatment to prolong service life, thus reducing chemical pollution in both land and marine applications
  • plasmar material can be accurately moulded in shape with tailored dimensioning and finish to better suit the required application
  • non-slip, high friction features for grip and safety can be incorporated into products including marine decking, walkways and pallet tops
  • plasmar material can be recycled indefinitely
  • plasmar materials can be pile-driven, nailed, screwed, bolted, stapled and glued enabling the production of value added products including shipping pallets, decking structures and fencing systems
  • plasmar materials are consistent in quality (no splintering, knots or warping), plasmar is superior in performance to timber when used in an automated industrial environment and therefore ideally suited to new technology cassette and robotic packaging lines
  • plasmar material does not stain as per many timber dunnage and pallet products, therefore offering superior product protection during transportation for high value products including aluminium, ceramics, tiles and masonry
  • plasmar material contains no significant moisture thereby eliminating shrinkage, resulting in vastly improved transport strapping performance and non-moisture contamination of transported products
  • plasmar material can be coloured by direct die injection, or by the use of externally applied coloured coatings
  • plasmar material requires no fumigation when used in an export environment